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Museum Kashubian Ethnographic Park

This is an open air museum which has existed since 1906 and is the oldest Polish museum an open air. Every year we celebrate the fair which lasted for two days. At the fair you can see the Kashubian culture and tradition.


Railway Museum and the Town Hall Square in Koscierzyna

There is only one in northern Poland Railway Museum, which is in Koscierzyna. You should also see the dancing fountain in Koscierzyna town square. Approximately distance of 15 km.

View tower

Fantastically located, measuring nearly 36 meters object from which you can admire the whole panorama of lakes Wdzydze. This view is breathtaking.


Museum of the National Anthem in Bedomin

We find here an eighteenth-century manor house, in which we can find the only one in the word museum of the national anthem, Napoleonic battles are organized here. Approximately distance of 25 km.


Water equipment rentals

Lake of Wdzydze, also called Kashubian Sea is a huge area of water, which allows the use of various water sports. Boat trips on the lake also enjoy great popularity.



The observation tower on Wiezyca Mountain

Wiezyca is the highest point on the Central European Lowlands (328 m). Wieżyca is called the Queen of Polish Moraine, and is located in the Kashubian National Park. Approximately distance of 30 km.

High Ropes Adventure

Modern park rope, consisting of 27 stations with a total length of 450 m was put at your service at the Niedzwiadek Hotel. The prices range depending on the level of difficulty.


Education center and Regional Promotion in Szymbark

Countless number of attractions including the longest plank in the world, the largest playing piano, Siberian House and the famous Upside Down House. Approximately distance of 30 km.


Hiking nature trails

Distance to Travel is around 3 km, 9 stops of educational boards, bench, bridge in the bog. The route is marked with painted blue marks on trees and signposts. All around you can see is the beauty of Mother Nature.

Stone circles in Wesiory

Age facility is estimated at about 4 thousand years, so it has exists more or less in the same period as the world famous Stonehenge. You can enjoy of four stone circles and about 20 burial mounds that fit one or more graves. Approximately distance of 35 km.

Bicycle paths

The length of the route is 48.5 km. The paths are marked by a painted green marks on trees and signposts. You are moving around on bike and enjoy the lakes weave otherwise known as the Cross Lake, the largest lake in the Kashubian complex.


Three beautiful Towns, located close to each other. A few sentences are not enough to name the most attractive place in the Tri-City. In the Gdansk we can visit the beautiful Old Town, Zoo or Museum of Amber, also beautiful pier and “Crooked House” in Sopot. Approximately distance of 70 km.


Outdoor events

In this charming village take place a whole bunch of different events. These include the two-day fair in Wdzydze, sea shanties on the beach, concerts and cabarets during various festivals. There are also horse riding competitions that takes place once a year.

Euro arena 2012

One of the four stadiums hosting the best European players for Euro 2012. Architecture is inspired by the beauty of Polish amber. Approximately distance of 70 km.

Baltic Sea

Beautiful Polish sandy beaches, dreamlike cliff in Gdynia Orlowo, or popular pier in Sopot are just a few of the reasons why you should visit our Polish sea. Approximately distance of 75 km.


Dunes in Leba

Moving dunes are themain attraction of Leba. At the sandbar, created by the sea and the Lebsko lake, sand formed the "Polish desert." They’re called moving because the move to the west at speed of about 9 meters per year. Approximately distance of 100 km.

Muzeum Kolejnictwa i Rynek Miejski w Kościerzynie ok.15km
Bajkowe Wdzydze Intrygujący Szymbark Magiczny Gdańsk Bajkowe Wdzydze Intrygujący Szymbark Magiczny Gdańsk